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On the last day we went to the MOMA. I absolutely loved this museum. Being in school for Graphic Design, this museum had so much that was of interest to me. So many of the posters I have seen in my History of Graphic Design Textbook were present. I was especially excited to see one of my favorite artists of all time, Gustav Klimt. I think his paintings are gorgeous in a way no other artist can copy. I also got to see the poster he made for the Secession, which was really exciting to see in person.

One of the main highlights of the MOMA, was the Picasso sculpture exhibit. I never knew that Picasso did and sculpture, much less so very much of it. This exhibit took up an entire floor of the MOMA and took many rooms to properly display his entire collection. The sculpture was really exciting, as it emulated a lot of his work. It felt like I was seeing a Picasso painting in three dimensions.


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