Architectural Boat Tour

IMG_20151004_135928 IMG_20151004_135942 IMG_20151004_135951 IMG_20151004_135957 IMG_20151004_140237 IMG_20151004_140249 IMG_20151004_140252 IMG_20151004_153200 IMG_20151004_153204 IMG_20151004_153209 IMG_20151004_153759 IMG_20151004_153805 IMG_20151004_153958 IMG_20151004_154004 IMG_20151004_154405 IMG_20151004_154409 IMG_20151004_154413 IMG_20151004_154833 IMG_20151004_155101

These images are all from a boat tour we took of the architectural history of New York. This turned out to significantly more interesting than originally expected. The boat had a lot of luxurious amenities, like a free drink. The tour guide on board was exceptionally intelligent and didn’t miss a beat the whole time. The whole experience was several hours long and covered so many buildings that I couldn’t keep track of them all.


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