Central Park, The Guggenheim, and the Graffiti Tour

IMG_20151003_132237 IMG_20151003_132239

After our stint in the Met, we walked out the back and into Central Park. Central Park is a beautiful and well kept park. Definitely the kind of place I would go running or walk my dog at on a daily basis. It’s so big and there are so many paths, that you could take a new path everyday.

After a while of walking we came across this bronze statue of Alice in Wonderland. This statue was interesting because it was made to be climbed on. It was designed for children to climb and play on. We took a bunch of pictures on and around it.


After a lengthy time in Central Park, we left at one of the entrances and walked to the Guggenheim. We listened to someone give a presentation on it and then we were given the go ahead to move about on our own. I decided not to go into the Guggenheim since we had been walking around all day. I decided to head back to Grand Central Station with a few friends before we had to head  to our next event.


I took this lovely image on the Graffiti tour. The tour itself was much longer than I ever could have imagined. Their was so much Graffiti history in such a small area, it’s staggering. I learned so much about the intricacies of making Graffiti art. I had no idea, and I feel like most people are right there with me, how rich the history of Graffiti is. It goes so much farther beyond just the defacement of property.


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