The Met

IMG_20151003_101243 IMG_20151003_101252 IMG_20151003_101305

After my trip through Grand Central Station, I headed on over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This building is immense! We were given only a couple hours to experience the whole museum, but there was no way we could possibly have seen it all. The deeper you go into the museum, the more exhibits just seem to pop up out of nowhere.

I separated from the group in an effort to experience the museum my way, without having to follow anyone else. The special exhibition there at the time was a large collection of paintings by John Singer Sargent. Being a fan of the European impressionists, I was absorbed in this huge collection. Some of the best work I saw in the whole museum was in that collection.

IMG_20151003_114233 IMG_20151003_120852 IMG_20151003_122749

The Met was packed full of everything from paintings, to musical instruments, to entire rooms, seemingly cut straight out of the time and place being represented. The victorian era homes were especially spectacular. The museum went so far as to replicate the lighting created by the candles. Now I realize why gold was used so much in the interior of these mansions. The candlelight reflects brilliantly off the gold, which gives a stunning brilliance to the whole room. It makes the room seem significantly more impressive than it is.

All in all I could have spent an entire day at the Met. A few hours definitely does not do it justice. All the more reason to come back to New York.


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