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On the last day we went to the MOMA. I absolutely loved this museum. Being in school for Graphic Design, this museum had so much that was of interest to me. So many of the posters I have seen in my History of Graphic Design Textbook were present. I was especially excited to see one of my favorite artists of all time, Gustav Klimt. I think his paintings are gorgeous in a way no other artist can copy. I also got to see the poster he made for the Secession, which was really exciting to see in person.

One of the main highlights of the MOMA, was the Picasso sculpture exhibit. I never knew that Picasso did and sculpture, much less so very much of it. This exhibit took up an entire floor of the MOMA and took many rooms to properly display his entire collection. The sculpture was really exciting, as it emulated a lot of his work. It felt like I was seeing a Picasso painting in three dimensions.


Architectural Boat Tour

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These images are all from a boat tour we took of the architectural history of New York. This turned out to significantly more interesting than originally expected. The boat had a lot of luxurious amenities, like a free drink. The tour guide on board was exceptionally intelligent and didn’t miss a beat the whole time. The whole experience was several hours long and covered so many buildings that I couldn’t keep track of them all.

The Brooklyn Bridge

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The next morning, myself and a few others went to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a lot longer than it looks. Unfortunately, they were doing some work on it while we were walking. So they funneled all the people into this tiny little walkway that was about half of the size of what was there. The bridge was really impressive in size. Pictures really don’t do it justice.

Central Park, The Guggenheim, and the Graffiti Tour

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After our stint in the Met, we walked out the back and into Central Park. Central Park is a beautiful and well kept park. Definitely the kind of place I would go running or walk my dog at on a daily basis. It’s so big and there are so many paths, that you could take a new path everyday.

After a while of walking we came across this bronze statue of Alice in Wonderland. This statue was interesting because it was made to be climbed on. It was designed for children to climb and play on. We took a bunch of pictures on and around it.


After a lengthy time in Central Park, we left at one of the entrances and walked to the Guggenheim. We listened to someone give a presentation on it and then we were given the go ahead to move about on our own. I decided not to go into the Guggenheim since we had been walking around all day. I decided to head back to Grand Central Station with a few friends before we had to head  to our next event.


I took this lovely image on the Graffiti tour. The tour itself was much longer than I ever could have imagined. Their was so much Graffiti history in such a small area, it’s staggering. I learned so much about the intricacies of making Graffiti art. I had no idea, and I feel like most people are right there with me, how rich the history of Graffiti is. It goes so much farther beyond just the defacement of property.

The Met

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After my trip through Grand Central Station, I headed on over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This building is immense! We were given only a couple hours to experience the whole museum, but there was no way we could possibly have seen it all. The deeper you go into the museum, the more exhibits just seem to pop up out of nowhere.

I separated from the group in an effort to experience the museum my way, without having to follow anyone else. The special exhibition there at the time was a large collection of paintings by John Singer Sargent. Being a fan of the European impressionists, I was absorbed in this huge collection. Some of the best work I saw in the whole museum was in that collection.

IMG_20151003_114233 IMG_20151003_120852 IMG_20151003_122749

The Met was packed full of everything from paintings, to musical instruments, to entire rooms, seemingly cut straight out of the time and place being represented. The victorian era homes were especially spectacular. The museum went so far as to replicate the lighting created by the candles. Now I realize why gold was used so much in the interior of these mansions. The candlelight reflects brilliantly off the gold, which gives a stunning brilliance to the whole room. It makes the room seem significantly more impressive than it is.

All in all I could have spent an entire day at the Met. A few hours definitely does not do it justice. All the more reason to come back to New York.

Morning in New York


The first thing I did in the morning was walk around and scan the city. I saw the Chrysler building, which is much bigger in person than I imagined. Pictures could never do it justice.

IMG_20151003_091810 IMG_20151003_091838 IMG_20151003_091840 IMG_20151003_091843

The next place I went too on my morning walk was to Grand central Station. The highlight of the station was admiring the architecture used to construct it. The massive curved ceiling gave the illusion of a great amount of space and the illustrations presented were gorgeous.

Also you could shop there for hours if you wanted. there were 3 floors, each with its own selection of shops and restaurants to waste the day away in. It was basically a mall with trains.

IMG_20151002_232006 IMG_20151002_232013

Just off the plane and after checking into the hostel, I rode the New York subway for the first time. In the picture on the left, you can see part of the sign that shows where we went. Bedford Avenue was a really interesting little food hub with a bunch of really interesting hole-in-the-wall style restaurants. From here, we split off into groups and went to find a restaurants to suit our tastes. I went with a group that went to this little Thai restaurant known as Tai Thai. It was straight delicious. Some of the best Thai food I have ever had.